Ultra Pure Butane 420 mL
Ultra Pure Butane 420 mL

Ultra Pure Butane 420 mL


Ultra Pure butane is a clean and odorless premium butane. Each case is 420mL of purified gas that contains near zero impurities (99.995% pure butane fuel). The Ultra Pure features a variable nozzle plastic cap. This Ultra Pure gas has been purified more than 7 times.

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Ultra Pure Butane 420 mL UltraPure extra purified butane lighter refill gas is the PUREST European butane in the market. It is manufactured in the United Kingdom and meets both ISO and TUV regulations. It is sold with a lifetime warranty. Near zero impurities (99.995% pure butane fuel) Less than 5 parts per million impurities (ppm) Odorless Most recommended torch lighter refill Won't cause clogged burner valves or misfires Multiple tip adaptors

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