Serious gardeners understand the importance of reverse osmosis water as a clean base for your nutrient formula. In fact, all high quality fertilizers are formulated and have feed charts based on RO water. Water with high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels is the main cause of nutrient lockout and plant deficiencies. By using RO water, you will notice a huge difference in the health and success of your crops.

The EvolutionRO1000 is a revolutionary new design in reverse osmosis technology. This high flow RO purification system produces 42 gallons of clean water per hour or roughly 1,000 gallons/day. This is rated for commercial use that has been customized for hydroponics and all types of gardening methods. The EvolutionRO1000 is an exclusive design available only at select hydroponics stores.

Now any gardener can access the benefits of unlimited purified water at an affordable price. No more waiting days for reservoirs to fill with slow flowing reverse-osmosis systems. With the EvoutionRO1000, “Never been seen before” fast flow rates, and ultra-low TDS water are a reality.


  • Up to 42 gallons per hour /1,000 gallons per day
  • Removes 95%+ of all parts per million from your tap water
  • Wastes approximately 40% less drain water than other RO systems on the market. Includes a 2:1 waste to product water ratio or optional 1:1 ratio (included).

    What most companies do not want you to know is that the RO filters that they use have at least three ratings:

  • How much RO water they can produce in an hour
  • How much RO water how much they can produce in a day
  • The last is usually over-looked and oh-so-important—How much water a unit is rated to use in a week!

Cheaper RO units like the ones from Spectra-Pure and Crystal Clear are rated between 1-200 gals in a day. At first glance this looks to be great for most end-users. The problem arises in their weekly ratings. Even the 200 gallon units are only rated for about 60-80 gallons in a week. If you exceed this level of production on a regular basis than the membranes will “blow” much earlier than they should. The membranes are expensive and those companies are relying on selling you many of them to subsidize the cost of the original unit. It is easy with cheaper units to pay more than double the original cost by the end of one year simply by “blowing” out the RO membranes.


At first hooking up an RO system seems like a difficult task. It is actually rather easy. WE CAN HELP!! We won’t give you a sales pitch on un-necessary equipment; just a break-down on the installation and on any of the cool gadgets that work in conjunction with your RO unit to allow it to run better or more efficiently. Check out the backside of this info sheet to learn more about the other accessories that can take your water purification and maintenance to another level.


The membrane filters should last for up to 4 years if well taken care of. This means that the user must routinely change out the Evolution’s carbon filter (every 1,000 gallons to be on the safe side.)


An optional high capacity pre-filter, available to add 2 extra stages of pre-filtration. This will help further to reduce sand, silt, dirt, rust particles, other sediments, chlorine, chloramines, iron, and sulfur. It will also cut down on filter changes and maintenance of the EvolutionRO1000.


Destroys micro-organisms DNA, effectively killing any pathogens that might be coming down the line into your reservoir or storage tank. This means 100% protection against bacteria, viruses, cysts, and pathogens in the product water. We highly recommend one of these because they are inexpensive for what they do, and work REALLY well!


Counts the water coming in to the RO unit, allowing you to accurately know when to change out the carbon pre-filters which are always cheap compared to the price of the expensive membrane filters. As long as the prefilters are changed out on time than the membranes will last for a good long while (up to 4 years.)


These tell your exact total dissolved solids (TDS) value in parts per million of the water before it hits the Evolution and also the TDS of the product water leaving the Evolution (which goes to your reservoir.) With this tool you are able to see exactly what is going on with your water at all times. It also helps for knowing when to change the pre-filters— If the TDS is suddenly going up, it usually means the carbon pre-filter needs replacing.


Helpful at letting you know what your pressure level is. All RO units work best at higher pressures. The Evolution is not any different. It needs a minimum of 40 psi and ideally will be run between 70-80 psi. (Most municipal water sources are at 40-80 psi.) This gauge will let you monitor these levels.


If the pressure isn’t high enough going in to the Evolution, there is a pump for you that will increase the pressure to an optimum level. Alternatively, if you are delivering water to a storage tank and then want to pump that water from this tank to one or more “feed reservoirs” then we have a delivery pump that is ready to do the job.