Nov 10, 2017

Read This Review of the Fogmaster Jr. 5330 If You Spray

What is the Fogmaster Jr. 5330?

It’s a compact hand-held sprayer with a 1/4HP 120V motor.

For some time I had considered buying an industrial sprayer/fogger/atomizer but most seemed like overkill, especially when inexpensive pump-style sprayers would suffice. The Fogmaster Jr. 5330 however, appealed immediately due to its manageable size. When I asked a trusted friend about it, his eyes opened extra wide as he looked directly at me and said “they rock”. He was right.

I know of one other convert, so, for the record, there are at least three Fogmaster Jr. groupies in Colorado.

Why I love the Fogmaster Jr. 5330

1. Efficiency

Jr.’s output is adjustable, from a coarse spray to a mist that is so fine it is practically invisible. Many times I’ve sprayed my hand to double-check and make sure that liquid is still coming out, and, every time a layer appears. The output is EXTREMELY EFFICIENT. This saves you water, input costs (foliar sprays, pesticides, etc.), and labor costs (less time mixing, spraying, and constant pumping).  The tank only holds one quart but it LASTS SO LONG THAT IT SEEMS LIKE GALLONS (especially if you’re used to less efficient sprayers). The same trusted friend told me that I’d be surprised at how long a tank would last. He was right again – it’s pretty amazing. Next time you come into the store, ask to do a demo. Chances are you’ll be impressed.

2. Plant Coverage

Junior’s small particle size, from 15-40 microns, means that you also get outstanding plant coverage in addition to making a little liquid go a long, long way. And due to the powerful motor, it goes a long way. The 5330 doesn’t produce “fog” as you might imagine. Instead, it rather forcefully emits a fine mist/spray in a focused straight direction for a good distance (4-5’+). It’s like a liquid atomizer/blower. The spray is powerful enough to provide useful extended reach and canopy penetration as well as allow you to effectively cover lots of ground. Be careful with it around young or fragile plants, the output is that strong. For these reasons, Junior may be oversized for some applications.

3. Multiple Uses

Other uses for the 5330 include disinfecting/sanitizing, mold remediation, dust settling, and humidification.

What I Have Learned Using the Fogmaster Jr. 5330

Tips for using the Fogmaster Jr. 5330: when the tank runs low and you are spraying at an up or down angle, ensure the feed tube is still submerged in the remaining liquid. Or, just fill it up before it runs low. You’ll see what I mean. Also, the replaceable gasket between the tank and the main unit can wear out over time, but Jr. still works without it. It took extensive use/abuse before mine failed and I could’ve perhaps prolonged its life had I known and gone easier on it. That’s my only gripe – it’s minor, it’s fixable and likely preventable. It would be a bonus if the blower force was adjustable but…

I love my Fogmaster Jr.5330 just the way it is.

More to come in a sequel describing how Junior and GreenCure organic fungicide helped me save an otherwise beautiful crop from powdery mildew disaster.