Prokure D 50g 4000 cubic ft
Prokure D 50g 4000 cubic ft

Prokure D 50g 4000 cubic ft

ProKure D, a gas deodorizer, releases chlorine dioxide gas which scrubs the air and neutralizes all odors associated with growing plants in an indoor (contained and unoccupied) environment without leaving any hazardous residues.
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ProKure D - Deodorizer Extended Use 50 gram Large Area 4000 cubic ft - 30 days ProKure D line of products eliminates (not masks) foul odors without generating any harmful residues. ProKure D is a strong deodorizer that physically changes the chemical make-up of odor causing compounds. These odors will not reoccur unlike when using an odor masking agent. Use in bathrooms gym and locker rooms storage units and offices where odors are consistently prevalent. Don’t pretend the odor is gone by hiding it with a masking agent. Give the right first impression – a clean odor-free environment.

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