Build-A-Soil Pumice, 1cf
Build-A-Soil Pumice, 1cf

Build-A-Soil Pumice, 1cf


The absorbency of Pumice allows it to retain moisture and nutrients. The gradual release of the moisture and nutrients enables a considerable reduction in irrigation time. Because BuildASoil Pumice is mined, it is clean and free of disease spores and weed seeds, which is an advantage over river pumice.

• Optimizes drainage

• Retains and evenly distributes moisture and nutrients

• Promotes strong root growth

• Improves root aeration

• Low Heavy Metals

• Does not contain clay or organic material (i.e. montmorillonite, illite, kaolinite)

• Minimizes root diseases

• Clean from disease or weed seeds and environmentally friendly

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