• What is the best way to clone?

Get a cloner. They are inexpensive and basically pay for themselves overtime. Cloners create the perfect environment, are the best way to clone and ensure that your clones thrive and grow a strong root system in a shorter amount of time than using soil.
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  • How do I get rid of spider mites?

For immediate results, spray your plant with neem oil to get rid of spider mites. Spider mites are super sneaky little pests that can destroy your crops if you let them take over by not catching them early on.
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  • How do I get rid of powdery mildew?

We recommend treating your plants with a 60 percent milk to 40 percent water solution with a couple added drops of dish soap. Prevention is key Powdery mildew will take over in a short amount of time. This fungi is fast acting and can be often found on the underside of your leaves.
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  • Where can I get seeds/clones?

You can make your own clones with the help of a cloner. To start from seed, visit you local nursery.
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  • Do I need a pH meter?

Testing your pH is important to maintaining a healthy rhizosphere. Beneficial bacteria cannot survive in a habitat that is too acidic or basic.
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  • Should I filter my water?

Filtered water is going to be more beneficial to your grow than tap water for a number of reasons. Filtering your water ensures that you are not introducing potential pathogens to your garden. 
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  • How do I cover up the smell of my grow room?

Placing a filter over your outgoing air from your grow will help to eliminate the smell.
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