Growing Media

Shopping for high quality growing media at a great price? Browse Way to Grow’s hand-picked grow media products or ask one of our helpful gro pros for advice about Coco and Coco Mixes, Growing Stone and Pebbles, Mushroom Substrate, Perlite, Vermiculite, and more.

Roots Organics Elemental

Monster Mushroom All in One Grow Kit

Budswel Dry

Down to Earth Fish Meal

Dolomite Lime #65 Ag 50lbs

Roots Organics Bio Force

Roots Organics SeaBird Guano Granular

Gro Pro Black Plastic Pot

FoxFarm Marine Cuisine Dry Fertilizer

Grodan Mini Grow Cubes

Garden Lime 6.75 lb

Micronized Azomite 44 lbs