Petri dish with spores growing

Powdery Mildew Spores

Powdery mildew Spores are Already in Your Garden

While this may sound alarmist, it’s not an unrealistic or paranoid exaggeration.

The Power of Spores

Consider the nature of spores; they exist to reproduce. Not to mention, they are invincible. They can survive in all weather extremes for long periods of time, travel great distances, and there are lots of them in our environment. Studies look at how far above and below us they exist in order to help define the limits of our biosphere.

Spores are pretty powerful stuff. The theory of panspermia suggests that spores may have brought life to our planet. Did you know that spores can survive space travel, radical ethnobotanist and native Coloradoan Terence Mckenna even proposes that connections exist between spores, earthlings, and aliens? Isn’t wild that spores not only create life but are also intelligent and able to communicate? Really?! How do gardeners stand a chance? read more