HVAC Like A Pro

HVAC Like A Pro

How Proper Ventilation Can Impact Your Grow

You know that awful feeling of being stuck inside a car with the windows rolled up for more than just a few minutes? Your skin gets clammy, the air feels heavy with stillness and it feels difficult to breathe? Your plants experience the same feeling when your grow space lacks the ability to circulate and exchange fresh air. Ensuring proper air circulation within your grow system is integral to achieving an optimal grow space for your plants. There are many issues that can arise due to lack of proper ventilation such as heat regulation, humidity levels, stagnant air, dust, and mold mitigation and odor reduction. read more

Temperature & Your Grow 101

Do you ever worry that your AC will break down while you are away, and you will come home to a lost cause in your grow room? If you are like most growers, this concern has crossed your mind more than once.  Temperature is incredibly important to the health and vitality of your plants and ultimately your yield. Yes, there are many other elements that need to be considered, but for now, let’s look at temperature’s influence on the health of your grow.

What is the ideal temperature for my grow?

Although some plants may vary, the typical range that most flowering plants thrive in is between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants grown in a natural outdoor environment, are more resilient to hot and cold temperatures due to the high rate of air circulation. To mimic the outdoors in a closed system, make sure you replace the air within the room up to five times per minute. With constant circulating air, you will also need fans, air conditioners and/or heaters to regulate temperatures within your grow room. read more