Growing Plants at Spring

Plasma Lighting!

Plasma SpectrumThe latest in lighting technology is the LEP – Light Emitting Plasma system, or “plasma lighting”. These lights are unique in that they have a very long bulb life – 30,000 hours, or about 7 years when used for 12 hours a day. While the initial price is higher than buying a separate ballast, hood, and bulb, you will see a return on your investment in the first few  years since you don’t need to buy new bulbs. The spectrum provided by plasma grow lights is very close to that of sunlight. In addition, more UV light is emitted, which results in plants with denser structure – plants that produce essential oils generally produce more when exposed to UV light.

Gavita Pro 300 LEPPlasma lights come with a built-in ballast. Heat production is minimal, but air-cooled versions are available. Currently LEP systems top out around 300 watts, but the overall energy delivered to the plant is more than a standard 300 watt bulb. Hung approximately 1.5 feet above your garden, you’ll get a 4′ x 4′ area illuminated. We’ve seen incredible growth compared to all other light types – come ask about the avocado tree in our Ft. Collins store!
After testing in our stores, we’ve found that using a combination of high pressure sodium (HPS) lights with plasma lights yields the best results. Come in to one of our stores and discuss your design requirements – we can help you engineer a cutting-edge lighting solution.

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