Green Cleaner

Green Cleaner pesticide to kill mites and powdery mildew
“Spray Green Cleaner on plants of every age, from clones through harvest. Unlike other products, spider mites do not get immune to Green Cleaner. Kills mites and their eggs. Washes powdery mildew right off the plant. All natural, you can even use Green Cleaner on the day of harvest. Green Cleaner is a concentrate that makes 2 oz 1 – 4 gallons, 4 oz 2 – 8 gallons, 8 oz 4 – 16 gallons, 32 oz 16 – 64 gallons and 128 oz 64 – 256 gallons.”


AzaMax organic insecticide
“AzaMax is a broad-spectrum organic insecticide that controls pests like mites, aphids, whiteflies, caterpillars, thrips, grasshoppers and more. It’s made from Azadirachtin Technical, a natural derivative of the neem tree, and contains Azadirachtin A and B as active ingredients along with more than 100 limonoids. Instead of hard chemical solvents, AzaMax uses food-grade formulation ingredients. It’s also great as an additive to other insecticides, as it makes pests more vulnerable to them.”


Ed Rosenthal's Zero-Tolerance natural pesticide
“Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance™ offers advantages over other natural products, and poisonous pesticides and fungicides. ZT leaves no residue (unlike Neem oil) because the highest quality food grade oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and thyme evaporate fully. It is safer for the garden than Pyrethrum, which is toxic to fish and reptiles.”



Pure Kapow natural pesticide
“Pure Kapow Commercial uses a specialized polarized blend of natural lemongrass and other safe botanical insecticides to suffocate mites and other pests on contact. Unlike other products on the market, insects will never develop a tolerance to this formula. Kapow also kills through ingestion, so it is effective on bugs that escape contact during application. In addition, it is a natural anti-fungal that helps kill and prevent mold and mildew from infecting plants.”


Monterey Garden Insect Spray natural insecticide
“A bacterial product produced by fermentation that can be used on outdoor ornamentals, lawns, vegetables, fruit trees, etc. to control caterpillars, leafminers, codling moth, tent caterpillars, gypsy moth, thrips, borers and more.”


Sierra Natural Science spider mite insecticide
“Say goodbye to spider mites! SNS 217™ and SNS 217C™ kills mites and their eggs. It is fully biodegradable and non-toxic to animals. How it works: Natural salts and fatty acids derived from Rosemary extracts disrupt the insect cell structure. Cell contents then leak from damaged cells causing spider mites to dehydrate and die. SNS 217™ kills the spider mite eggs by coating them with an oily shield that disrupts the respiration to the egg; therefore no hatching will occur, they will just dry out.”


Ultimate Wash

Ultimate Wash insecticide
“Over the past few years, NPK Industries/OGD has received numerous requests from gardeners to remove the food coloring from Mighty Wash®. We have heard these requests and created a new product – Ultimate Wash™ with no dyes. Ultimate Wash™ is the next generation of plant wash and can be used up to and including the day of harvest.”


Safer organic pesticide
“Safer® Brand carries the natural gardening products you need for your organic garden, lawn, and houseplants. Our insecticides and herbicides are made with all natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to effectively kill pests. Whatever your organic gardening needs are, Safer® Brand can help.”

Einstein Oil

Einstein Oil foliar spray insecticide
“Gardeners don’t have to have a 200 IQ to use all-natural Einstein Oil! This popular leaf shine is packed with the power of neem oil to keep leaves clean and plants healthy. Einstein Oil is an easy-to-mix concentrate, applied as a foliar spray.”