Botanicare Plant Energy Products. Hydroponic plant nutrients.
“Celebrating its 20th year as a leading global manufacturer in the Hydroponic industry, Botanicare offers a comprehensive range of hydroponic products bringing the freedom and flexibility of growing-your-own to consumers around the world. Based in Chandler, Arizona Botanicare sells innovative leading brands including: Pure Blend Tea, Pure Blend Pro, CNS17, Power Series, Hydroplex, Liquid Karma, Sweet, Hydroguard, CAL-MAG, Clearex, Silica Blast, ZHO, Ready Gro, Cocogro, and a complete line of accessories, plastics and systems including Turbogarden and Microgarden.”

Mother Earth Hydroton

Mother Earth Hydroton is expanded clay is a unique, lightweight expanded clay aggregate made in Germany
“The original Hydroton® brand expanded clay is a unique, lightweight expanded clay aggregate made in Germany. This natural clay is mined, formed into pellets, then kiln fired at high temperatures to cause the clay to expand into tough, lightweight balls. Clay naturally has balanced capillary action, with an ideal surface structure. Hydroton® brand expanded clay is semi-porous and generally does not float like other products can. For best results, rinse all expanded clay before use. It is reusable as long as it is thoroughly cleaned between uses. 50 liter bags feature an easy pour spout. Size specification is 8-16 mm.”


General Hydroponics

General Hydroponics Plant Nutrients
“General Hydroponics is proud of its tradition of bringing nature and technology together. GH will always continue to strive for quality, simplicity, innovation, and a sustainable future.”

Active Aqua

Active-Aqua Hydroponic Systems and Accessories
“Experience the finest in hydroponic gardening with Hydrofarm’s family of Active Aqua products. You’ll find proven components for all your hydroponics needs, from full hydro systems and powerful water chillers to various pots, parts and accessories.”


Flo-n-Gro Hydroponic System
“The 12 site Flo-N-Gro system with the Oceanus 1® controller is designed to be simple to use. The system allows the grower to have the flexibiltiy of an ebb and flow garden with minimum maintenance of their hydroponic system. The Flo-N-Gro is an expandable multi-site hydroponic system that incorporates a flood and drain growing method. When the Oceanus 1® controller is activated, oxygen rich nutrient water enters the GRO sites and soaks the root zone by flowing through the 360° mesh inserts. The water is then returned to the main reservoir, waiting for the next watering cycle.”

Green Trees Hydroponics

Green Trees Multi Flow Hydroponic System
“The Multi Flow system has individual containers for each plant that can be placed close together for small plants and farther apart for larger plants. Moving plants is simple just lift out the inner pot and set it at a new site. No drippers to fool with because the Multi Flow is a bottom feed, ebb and flow system. The pumps fill and drain the pots a few times each day for even watering. Hydroponic gardening at it’s best! Multi Flow 12 Pot Systems come with a Built in Timer, 55 Gallon Reservoir, Level controller, 12 Pots, Tubing and Pumps. A 1000 watt grow light is recommended for a 12 pot system.”



Grodan Hydroponic Stone Wool Substrate
“For more than forty years, the GRODAN Group has been a global market leader in the supply of innovative and sustainable stone wool substrate solutions for professional growers. GRODAN solutions are designed for Precision Growing, the most efficient and effective form of growing.”


EcoPlus Hydroponic Water Pumps
“EcoPlus’s submersible water pumps are great for everything from fountains to hydroponic systems. The pumps have an inside threaded fittings and the flow is non-adjustable. Powerful oil-free, rare earth rotor magnet. Ceramic shaft and bearing insure reliability. Trouble free one moving part. Strainer protects impeller from damage. Comes with a 120-volt cord. Include inlet and outlet fittings.”


Hydro-Flow Quality, Compatible Irrigation Solutions
“Our product line is geared toward the all-season indoor gardener, yet can also be used for many applications including home outdoor garden irrigation, farm irrigation, and commercial greenhouse irrigation. Our products are specifically designed to work in conjunction with each other to create a uniform look and fit.”