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David Wild
David Wild
posted 1 month ago

Cody and the guys are definitely ahead of the game. I couldn't believe the in person demonstrations they had of modern hydroponic supplies. I will always come in here over going online because they have the best prices anywhere, and they take the time to go over the products you're looking at. They're just at that perfect balance too where they won't push products, but also willing to tell you what they like and use. It's awesome to come in and get tips from these pros.

Pete Freeman
Pete Freeman
posted 5 months ago

This place has it all. Great customer service. They stock everything too. I never have to come back because it is always in stock. Largest GH inventory in the area and tons of Gavitas in stock. One stop shopping that's why I shop here.

Hamza Reda
Hamza Reda
posted 3 months ago

Great prices great help from the staff especially Daniel hes a huge help

Tyler Schaller
Tyler Schaller
posted 1 year ago

Very helpful when you have specifics, but I definitely understand the feeling that they're a little pompous. As someone new to growing I was very excited, and felt shot down pretty quickly with some newbie nutrient question.
Overall. Knowledgeable staff, helpful workshops, and good pricing for a store.
Suggest opening an account and get bigger discounts when you buy more.