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Pete Freeman
Pete Freeman
posted 1 month ago

This place has it all. Great customer service. They stock everything too. I never have to come back because it is always in stock. Largest GH inventory in the area and tons of Gavitas in stock. One stop shopping that's why I shop here.

Tyler Schaller
Tyler Schaller
posted 8 months ago

Very helpful when you have specifics, but I definitely understand the feeling that they're a little pompous. As someone new to growing I was very excited, and felt shot down pretty quickly with some newbie nutrient question.
Overall. Knowledgeable staff, helpful workshops, and good pricing for a store.
Suggest opening an account and get bigger discounts when you buy more.

posted 4 months ago

I was treated with respect and the staff never acted condescending in any way like some other places that I have been.

Brian Dupre
Brian Dupre
posted 9 months ago

I've been shopping here for years. It depends who you get, but I'd say 80% of the employees are knowledgable and friendly. The prices are about as good as you'll find at a brick and mortar store, the inventory is excellent and they have convenient locations. They also let me use my jobs' corporate discount for my personal garden!