Cascade Botanicals

Cascade Botanicals Vacuum Ovens
“Cascade Botanicals vacuum ovens are designed to effectively purge butane, propane, water and CO2 from organic extracts while preserving the quality and integrity of your finished product. Lose the solvent; keep the essential properties discriminating customers and patients demand.”

Oil Slick

Oil Slick
“Oil Slick is dedicated to providing the best tools to help you concentrate. Oil Slick products are as unique as the demands of our customers.”



Whip-it!* Premium Butane
“Refined Whip-It! Butane Gas. From the makers of the finest N20 Gas with over 60 years of gas manufacturing expertise. Purified with active carbon towers made of charcoal filters; then further purified through synthetic zeolites ensuring zero impurities. Optimum ratio of N-butane and ISO-butane molecules. No impurities and odorless. Highest quality standards in the world – ISO 9001, TUV and FN-417 certified.”


NoGoo Non Stick Containers
“If using glass or plastic containers is costly, feels unsafe or doesn’t work for you, then you’ll be amazed by NoGoo® patent pending nonstick containers. Not only are NoGoo® nonstick containers, but they’re also: shatter resistant, platinum cured silicone, heat resistant up to 450 degrees, freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, reusable!”


Capital Butane

Capital Butane
“Our “raw” n-butane is processed through two molecular sieves in tandem to remove impurities such as sulfur and moisture. Our molecular sieves are designed for and dedicated for n-butane. Freshly sieved n-butane is stored in dedicated finished n-butane “pure” tanks. The product in all pure tanks is analyzed for odor, purity, olefins, sulfur and moisture at a minimum and must meet the specifications for a large range of customers.”


Concentration Accessories
“There is finally a place where you can find all your favorite concentration tools and accessories under one roof. And its a familiar one too, Colorado’s own Way to Grow!”