Commercial Cultivation Technology

The explosive growth in commercial cultivation has triggered an advent of new commercial technologies. The growing process doesn’t change on a larger scale, but the dependence on reliable technologies definitely increases. Consistency from crop to crop is more important than ever. Commercial technologies have emerged for larger facility operators in need of more power, more reliability and a greater degree of control. Some of the most advancement has occurred in the areas of lighting, and environmental control.

Double Ended Lights

Double ended (DE) lights. Beginning with Gavita, the DE lighting technology has been making serious waves in the commercial growing industry because of the extremely high micromole output. One benefit of the DE lamp is the extended life of the lamp, with a claimed 90% lumen maintenance at 10,000 hours. A standard lamp could be at that same point at 4000 hours. Another benefit is the increased PAR value in the light emitted. Being that the arc tube is housed in quartz glass, the bulb can burn hotter and can increase the amount of UV content in the lamp, resulting in improved essential oil production. Other companies have released DE systems which have performed as well as the Gavita systems including Hydrofarm Phantom DE’s and P.L Light Systems.

Excel Air Systems

Excel Air Systems are industry specific commercial air conditioners. Produced in Canada, and built for large indoor grow environments these are made for commercial users with the highest standards. A correctly sized AC will keep the right environmental conditions constant in your garden, while an improperly sized AC can overshoot target temperatures, causing excessive fluctuations, and plant growth stress. Available with optional UV sterilizers to keep mold spores from colonizing within the unit, they are ready for completely controlled environments. Also an option is a sound proof compressor unit which completely eliminates all compressor noise from the outdoors. This is great for larger growers trying to keep their privacy.

Quest Dehumidifiers

Quest Dehumidifiers, like Excel air conditioners are industry specific commercial dehumidifiers. Well known to be the world’s most efficient dehumidifiers, Quest builds all products in the USA with the highest quality materials and components available. To put it simply, Quest products remove more water with less energy making their payback periods very short. The right dehumidifier will promote a healthy garden by preventing mold, mildew, and disease. They also work to prevent pests and their accompanying plant stress. All of this combined with the wonderful customer support provided by Quest makes them an easy choice for determining large capacity dehumidification needs.

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