LED grow Lighting

LED vs CMH Lighting Technology

Light Emitting Diodes or Ceramic Metal Halides? You Be the Judge. Have you found yourself digging through Google pages full of LED hula hoops and burning man posts to find out more about LED lighting technology? Want to know how they stack up to LECs? Suffering from a case of ...
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Eye Safety in Your Grow: Method Seven

Eye Safety and Your Grow Room Do you like seeing the world around you? Sure that is a dumb question with an obvious answer. But maybe you haven't considered how you have been jeopardizing your sight literally every time you walk in to your grow unprotected. What is equally important ...
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Growth. Golden coins in soil with young plant isolated.

LED vs. Plasma Lighting Technology

Plasma, LED, or Neither... LED or Plasma? Both cost a sh%#ton, so which one is better? If you have found yourself Googling answers to this question, search no more. Let us save you time and money. Learn from our successes and failures with these two expensive a$$ grow lights. What’s ...
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Blue Sky With Rainbow and Sun Reflection

I Like Big Bulbs & I Cannot Lie

Too Much of a Good Thing When it comes to the lighting you use for your plants, how much is too much? Believe it or not, there is a science behind finding out how many lights you should have and how to place them. It isn’t about just putting your ...
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rainbow wave background

Come On Baby Light My Grow

All the Colors of the Rainbow: Lighting Part I The impact that light has on the human eye is different than the effect it has on your plants. Plants take in light to use in the photosynthesis process to convert energy into sugars to consume as food. Different colors of ...
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Bacilli are a class of bacteria containing several well-known pathogens.

5 Things You Need to Know About Beneficial Bacteria

We had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Scotty Real of Real Growers and The Dude Grows Show. Scotty brought his 25 years of expertise to the table, helping us shed light into the dark corners of the soil world. Before we jump into beneficial bacteria, we should first ...
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Water DNA

Hydroponic Bells & Whistles

Hydroponics 201 If you’re looking to improve your hydro system, you may be looking to add some new accessories to your setup. Your grow could benefit from new gadgets, like ditching your old aquarium pump for a soundless one with a longer life span. You may also be considering expanding ...
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Organic crops are grown without soil.

Getting Started with Hydroponics

Hydroponics! So, what’s all the hype about hydro gardens? They seem to be the next big thing in growing but how much do you really know? Maybe you have considered making the switch from soil to a hydroponic system but aren’t sure how. Lucky you! We’ve done the research, and ...
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