Roses grow better and faster under high-pressure sodium light in dutch greenhouse

Temperature & Your Grow 101

Do you ever worry that your AC will break down while you are away, and you will come home to a lost cause in your grow room? If you are like most growers, this concern has crossed your mind more than once. Temperature is incredibly important to the health and ...
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A 3D rendering of a "yields" sign along the themes of money.This is a visual pun on the word "yield," meaning to give way, or give up, or to relinquish to something, and "yield" as in earnings, payments, profits, interest, dividends, etc. An upward pointing arrow with a U.S. dollar sign inside it suggesting the time or situation is enduring a favorable outcome. (See others in the series in the "Arrows and Pointers, and "On the Money" light boxes).

Growing with CO2: Improve Your Yield Part II

When growing in an artificial environment, the goal is to mimic nature and all of its benefits. When aiming to increase your product yield with a natural option, using CO2 in your grow is sure to produce results. How Does Growing with CO2 Work? Biology 101 The biological use of ...
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Powdery Mildew of on a leaf of perennials

Stop It Before It Starts: Powdery Mildew

Every seasoned gardener has had at least one bout with powdery mildew. It is annoyingly pervasive, and no one wants to see those tell-tale spots on their plants. It seems that everywhere we look- trees, landscaping, gardens- there is no escaping it. So what exactly is it, and how can ...
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Root Aphid on Roots Small

Root Aphids: No! They’re Not Just Fungus Gnats

Of all the pests you may have to deal with in your garden, root aphids, or Phylloxera have the potential to be the costliest and most destructive. Being able to identify the problem as early as possible is key. Root Aphid Identification Aphids have a unique and complicated life-cycle of ...
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Mighty Mites: Spider, Russet and Bulb Mites

Spider Mites, Russet Mites and Bulb Mites As a grower you learn to take precautions against the various pests and nasty things that would love to make a meal out of your plants. Yet even the most conscientious of gardeners will likely find themselves in a protracted battle with spider ...
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Mycorrhizae: Improve Your Yield Part 1

Mycorrhizae- what it is and why you need it What is mycorrhizae? Good fungi vs. bad fungi Not all fungi are bad for plants. In fact, there are a variety of different fungi that are good for plants. Some are even essential for plant health. The relationship between these good ...
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Super Soil Thumbnail

What is Super Soil? Plus A Professional Review

“The best part about it is the consistency. I rarely, if ever, see any nutrient deficiencies, across various plant types.” What is Super Soil? Super soil is a term coined by well-known grower and seed producer Subcool to describe a soil recipe he uses to help simplify the process of ...
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Heirloom Seeds vs Hybrid Seeds

What is the difference between Heirloom Seeds vs Hybrid Seeds? Hybrid seeds are created by selecting two strains and cross-pollinating them in order to create a more vigorous plant, often times selecting for higher yield and shelf stability. Heirlooms are old-time varieties saved year after year and are prized for ...
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