Blue Sky With Rainbow and Sun Reflection

I Like Big Bulbs & I Cannot Lie

When it comes to the lighting you use for your plants, how much is too much? Believe it or not, there is a science behind finding out how many lights you should have and how to place them. It isn’t about just putting your one plant under an incandescent bulb ...
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rainbow wave background

Come On Baby Light My Grow

All the Colors of the Rainbow: Lighting Part I The impact that light has on the human eye is different than the effect it has on your plants. Plants take in light to use in the photosynthesis process to convert energy into sugars to consume as food. Different colors of ...
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Bacilli are a class of bacteria containing several well-known pathogens.

5 Things You Need to Know About Beneficial Bacteria

We had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Scotty Real of Real Growers and The Dude Grows Show. Scotty brought his 25 years of expertise to the table, helping us shed light into the dark corners of the soil world. Before we jump into beneficial bacteria, we should first ...
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Water DNA

Hydroponic Bells & Whistles

Hydroponics 201 If you’re looking to improve your hydro system, you may be looking to add some new accessories to your setup. Your grow could benefit from new gadgets, like ditching your old aquarium pump for a soundless one with a longer life span. You may also be considering expanding ...
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Organic crops are grown without soil.

Getting Started with Hydroponics

Hydroponics! So, what’s all the hype about hydro gardens? They seem to be the next big thing in growing but how much do you really know? Maybe you have considered making the switch from soil to a hydroponic system but aren’t sure how. Lucky you! We’ve done the research, and ...
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Ventilation system InLine Fan

HVAC Like A Pro

How Proper Ventilation Can Impact Your Grow You know that awful feeling of being stuck inside a car with the windows rolled up for more than just a few minutes? Your skin gets clammy, the air feels heavy with stillness and it feels difficult to breathe? Your plants experience the ...
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Roses grow better and faster under high-pressure sodium light in dutch greenhouse

Temperature & Your Grow 101

Do you ever worry that your AC will break down while you are away, and you will come home to a lost cause in your grow room? If you are like most growers, this concern has crossed your mind more than once. Temperature is incredibly important to the health and ...
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Increase your yields by increasing your knowledge!

Growing with CO2: Improve Your Yield Part II

When growing in an artificial environment, the goal is to mimic nature and all of its benefits. When aiming to increase your product yield with a natural option, using CO2 in your grow is sure to produce results. How Does Growing with CO2 Work? Biology 101 The biological use of ...
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